Grooming &
Boarding Services

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Dear valued customers, we are regret to inform you that
reservation is always compulsory.
Pet's weight              Per Night                Festive / Peak Season

< 10kg                    RM25 (no aircon)         RM28 (no aircon)
RM50 (aircon playpan)   RM55 (aircon playpan)

10-20kg                  RM30 (no aircon)         RM33 (no aircon)

21-30kg                  RM40 (no aircon)         RM45 (no aircon)

31-40kg                  RM50 (no aircon)         RM55 (no aircon)
Pets Care
and Boarding

(Puppy &
Kitten only)
RATES :                          Basic Grooming          Full Grooming

Small Breed
(5-9kg)                              RM25 - RM50              RM65- RM100

Medium Breed
(10-19kg)                          RM55 - RM65              RM80- RM130

Large Breed
(20-30Kg)                          RM70 - RM80              
RM100-RM160             -

Some dogs need more
regular periodic grooming
than others depending on
theirs breed and daily

Grooming improves
general hygiene, prevents
mats and for better

It is important to keep dog's
coats healthy, combed and
tidy to prevent mats. Mats
can pull tender skin, cause
pain, hot spots and wounds
to irritated skin. Eventually
it might cause fungus
infection, general skin
outbreaks, or parasites

Besides, at PetsTrails we
provide many selections of
'haircut' like the Teddy
Bear Cut, Puppy Cut, Pretty
girl cut, Smart cut, etc. It
makes grooming not only
practical but also trendy
and looks good.

Pets Trails Professional

Geraldine Mirabel
Danielle Chin
Angela Chin
Pets Trails Grooming Services

Basic Grooming                                         Full Grooming
1. Clear four paws, abdomen                 1. Clear four paws, abdomen
and private part hair.                                 and private part hair.
2. removes mats                                       2. Removes mats
3. Nails Cut                                                3. Nails Cut
4. clean ears (ear hair plucking)           4.
Scissoring / clipping
                 5. Clean ears (ear hair plucking)
5. Bathing                                                   6. Bathing
6. anal gland clearing                              7. anal gland clearing
7. blow drying                                            8. blow drying
1) Kindly bring along your pets updated vaccination card when you send your
pets for pet sitting.

Advance booking is necessary during peak season and availability is
based on first come first serve basis. Pets Trails
member card holder are
given higher priority
for pet sitting.

3) Basic hygiene maintenance, weekly showering and walks will be included.

4) Food excluded.

5) Unaccepted conditions for Pet Sitting include dogs on heat, infested with
fleas & ticks or mange mites, diseases, diahorrea, parvo virus, without
vacinnations, pregnant or nursing, below 3-month-old.

6) Any dog that is dangerous and shows aggression will not be accepted.

7) Pet sitting for 7 days or more, Free 1x basic grooming.
MARCH 2017
(CALL 03-33240500 FOR BOOKING)
RM 318 per dog inclusive GST